MaceKen is an integration of the Ken reliability protocol with the Mace distributed systems toolkit. MaceKen allows developers to build and compose Mace systems that can ignore the possibility of crash-restart failures. Messaging and state are both transparently preserved across process crashes and restarts, producing an equivalence between a crash-restart failure and a slowly responding node.


You can download MaceKen in BitBucket Repository. Also, the Ken code is released at Terence Kelly’s site at the University of Michigan.


  • Sunghwan Yoo, Charles Killian, Terence Kelly, Hyoun Kyu Cho, and Steve Plite. Composable Reliability for Asynchronous Systems. In proceedings of 2012 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC ’12). Boston, MA. 13-15 June, 2012. (USENIX paper site) , Preprint)
  • Note: The preprint corrects the presentation of data for BambooDHT consistency results. The proceedings version was generated from the same data, but misrepresented the consistency results by showing a fraction of the requests made and completed in each minute, capping the maximum value at 1. When reported instead as the fraction of requests in each minute that eventually succeed, it is easy to see that MaceKen provides total reliability, as expected.





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This research has been supported in part by an HP Open Innovation Grant. We are grateful for their support.

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