Ruby Interoperability

Inspired by hearing so much about Ruby lately, I took the time to learn a bit of Ruby. Of course, as a core Mace developer, my first thought of what I could do with Ruby was to write an application that talked to a Mace application! I’ve written up an example which is now available in the Mace documentation ( that illustrates using Ruby to talk to a simple Mace application, and through it illustrates a bit of the Mace networking and wire protocol.

Is there interest in greater support or documentation for Ruby (or other language) in a Mace environment?

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2 Responses to Ruby Interoperability

  1. Lucas Hansen says:

    I would love, love, love Ruby support in Mace!

    • ckillian says:

      So what would Ruby support mean to you? If it would help with the Mace appeal, I’m willing to put some effort into it potentially—so what would you specifically like?

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