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Structured Comparative Analysis of Systems Logs to Diagnose Performance Problems (NSDI 2012)

This paper describes our work on Distalyzer: a tool for automatically diagnosing performance problems in distributed systems. It was accepted for publication at NSDI 2012, and is work done by Karthik Nagaraj, Charles Killian and Jennifer Neville. Diagnosis and correction … Continue reading

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Gatling: Automatic Attack Discovery in Large-Scale Distributed Systems (NDSS 2012)

Most distributed systems are designed to meet application-prescribed metrics that ensure availability and high-performance for practical usage. However compromised participants can manipulate protocol semantics through attacks that target the messages exchanged with honest nodes and degrade performance significantly. To date, … Continue reading

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Hierarchy-Aware Distributed Overlays in Data Centers using DC2 (COMSNETS 2012)

Today’s data center architectures are often built in the form of multi-rooted tree topologies with with less overall bandwidth at higher levels of the tree than at the bottom. In datacenter parlance, this is referred to as the over-subscription factor, … Continue reading

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