What is this space for?

This space, the homepage for MaceSystems, is a blog space, for posts related to whats going on in our research group. It’s a place where we may post descriptions of published work or concrete progress of our ongoing work, so you can see what’s going on in our world. For example, soon there will be posts about our recent papers at FSE 2010 and HPDC 2011. Much of the text here will be written by students. We hope this will evolve into a good way for us to keep the community informed about our work and direction, and for potential discussion of the work.

The MaceSystems site still contains links for the original MACEDON code, as well as a link to the webpage describing Mace. Hopefully, as new related projects and tools mature, they too will have their own pages. Meanwhile, there is a Wiki where we can post more fluid and changing content, and in particular on the Wiki you can find a web version (and somewhat updated version) of the PDF documentation available as part of the Mace repository.

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